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The setting up of a technological watch approach it’s a subject in its own rights. To effectively integrate it into the company's strategy, the expertise of Matikem is a real asset.

For any decision maker, it is essential to monitor its technical environment and its competitors, in order to anticipate technological developments, steer its strategic positioning and gain reactivity.


ADVISE® by Matikem

With ADVISE®, the technological watch and competitive intelligence service developed by Matikem, our members can benefit from the establishment of a monitoring process within their structure, with an expertise of high added value and customized support.

This results in a preliminary diagnosis, targeted trainings, the provision of efficient professional tools and methods, all at a more competitive price than the cost of an approach of the company alone.

The results are many and very positive for the company. The implemented monitoring tool allows to have targeted news quickly: information about partners or potential new customers that allow you to have one move ahead on some projects.


Members’ testimonies

"ADVISE® allowed us to integrate a powerful tool in our internal process of scientific and technical watch. The tool was quickly adopted, is efficient and user-friendly. The support of the Matikem team is remarkable both for setting up the tool and for its expertise."

Crédit Gen'Etiq

"The watch over tomorrow’s products is a time-saver for our SMEs.
The integration of ADVISE® helped us to identify the real patents implemented by one of our customers and the topics covered."
Patrick Deschamps, GEN’ETIQ


The watch over patents is essential to preserve the technological leadership

To secure its innovation project, the company must have a panorama of existing innovations, to identify potential blocking patents or new areas of research.

"Patent information represents 80% of the scientific and technical information and two-thirds of this information cannot be found in another way." (INPI)

Therefore Matikem offers to its members:

  • a personalized information research service, to support their R & D projects;
  • regular monitoring of patent applications related to their technological fields and specific sectors.


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Technology Watch & Competitive Intelligence Manager
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