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An H2020 project

Matikem is active partner of the European project Synamera, which started May 2015. Here is a quick overview.

Synamera at a glance

  • Start date:
    1st May 2015

  • Duration:
    24 months

  • Project type:
    H2020, NMP-36-2014 call for project (Coordination and Support Action)

  • Partners:
    11 partners from 9 European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal)

  • Project objectives:
    The objective of Synamera is the establishment of a Forum of relevant stakeholders to define and schedule research cooperation between Member States and regions in the NMP thematic area. This objective goes beyond the core Horizon2020 funding by exploring the landscape of local (national and regional) research funding programmes and by proposing an agenda to improve and use the ERANET instrument to bolster collaboration.
    The Forum will produce a road map (a validated report) consisting of a synthesis of possible NMP activities that results from analysis and foresight activities in the European Research Area and recommendations for coordinating actions to be undertaken by the public authorities. In addition, the final report is expected to serve as reference for further discussion towards a broad endorsement of coordinated programming.
  • Total funding:
    € 496 224

  • Coordinator:
    Région Nord-Pas de Calais

  • Matikem's role:
    Matikem is the coordinator of workpackage 'Communication and dissemination'.

For more information

Sophie Reynaud
Chief Operating Officer
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