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TREC project

Matikem is one of the 8 partners from the European Project ERICA: Establishing Regional Cluster Agreement for sharing good practices in Advanced Manufacturing.

ERICA at a glance

  • Start date:
    4 January 2016

  • Duration :
    12 months

  • Project type:
    TREC (Towards regional and economic convergence)

  • Partners:
    8 partners from 4 European countries (France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy)

  • Project objectives:
    • The main objective of ERICA is to establish interregional strategic cooperation procedures among clusters and related technology centres for sharing good practices in Advanced Manufacturing in order to foster regional growth, both economic and employment, between Catalonia, Lombardy, Nord-Pas de Calais and South Netherlands.
      This pilot project will define a collaboration framework through a Strategic Partnership Agreement between the participating regions focused on one of their smart specialisation strategies, Advanced Manufacturing, and specifically in Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM).
      ERICA will target the whole industry but will focus its attention on production systems and machinery as enablers of ESM deployment.
    • ERICA Strategic Partnership Agreement will be the culmination of other objectives:
      • Objective 2: Benchmarking of the participating regional clusters and technology centres (Catalonia, Lombardy, Nord-Pas de Calais and South Netherlands), and identify bottlenecks and opportunities for collaboration between them. This will be the base for the development of the Strategic Partnership.
      • Objective 3: Exploration of concrete collaboration opportunities between clusters, technology centres and their SMEs towards improving advanced manufacturing competences, exploiting available innovation and R&D results and adding value to existing industrial sectors and value chains, with a specific focus on production systems and machinery.
      • Objective 4: Development of a cluster partnership strategy for joint activities and related regional smart specialisation investment plans for managerial, skills and industrial development improvements to foster sustained growth across the participating regions.
      • Objective 5: Creation of a community of interest to monitor and evaluate the impact of ERICA and discuss the findings with stakeholders and experts in the field to ensure the widest engagement and dissemination.
  • Total funding:
    € 244,938.16

  • Coordinator:
    EURECAT (Technology Center of Catalonia)

For more information:

Sophie Reynaud
Chief Operating Officer
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+33 (0)3 61 76 02 40


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