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Learning Innovation Center

Accredited by Matikem as a flagship project, the Learning Innovation Center is situated in the City of Lille, and hosted by the Metropolitan University. It aims to develop and experiment a collaborative platform for enhancing innovative knowledge and initiative amongst stakeholders from the triple helix. Still under construction, LILLIAD Learning Innovation Center will be open from summer 2016 to businesses, innovators, secondary education and the general public.

At the heart of the campus of the University of Lille, a place dedicated to innovation

The old university library is undergoing a process of transformation  in order to become up to 2016 a modern Learning Center dedicated to Innovation. Main goal is to create conditions of dynamic environments for open innovation within a broad audience consisting of researchers, academia, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, students to:

  • show new innovative products & services
    • Showroom (exhibitions, events, promotion, economic valorization of research results
    • Demonstrations activities (for services, for testing tools in exhibition conditions)
  • foster innovation
    • Design Spirit (spaces to promote design approach, creativity, transdisciplinary)
    • Meetings (open spaces, informal event space)
  • think to innovation
    • Scientific workshops tied to the economic world, conferences
  • practice innovation in educational matters
    • Learning differently (services, places, meetings), promoting school-college transition and diffuse a taste for science, cross virtual educational tools and documentation tools.

This place will finally lead to reinvent learning, thinking and practicing patterns in an open innovative approach.


  • Total area of 10,000 m² including a space of 220 m² for promoting innovation and 300 m² for Experimentarium
  • 50 working rooms (up to 20 people) and 2 conference rooms for 120 and 290 seats
  • 1 Internet café with 90 places
  • 1 420 seating places
  • 485 places for cable internet access
  • 13 km linear storage for books and periodicals
  • € 30M budget  for construction and renovation including € 18M from Nord-Pas de Calais region
  • € 5M from Métropole Européenne de Lille, € 4.7M ERDF, € 2.3M the State

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