Flagship projects


French Institute for Bio-based Materials

As founder member, Matikem strongly contributed to set up the IFMAS project by phase 1. Nowadays, Matikem still supports its development and consolidation by phase 2.

Private R&D and training institute specialized in green chemistry and bio-based materials in several application areas

Located in the Haute Borne Science Park - Northern France, IFMAS develops, synthesizes and formulates eco-designed functional molecules and engineered polymers starting from local biomass, to support developments and applications in a large set of thermoplastic and thermoset materials, coatings, and paints.

Main objectives are:

  • to restrict the dependence on fossil resources;
  • to bring alternatives on the regulatory aspects;
  • to create new functions and develop new performances;
  • to reduce the environmental impact.

Many key target segments are decorative and technical paints, packaging, construction, transport, electrical and electronic equipment, medical, etc. (manufacturers or users).

An integrated set of complementary R&D programs


Within this operating system, 150 researchers are involved in 22 collaborative projects dealing with biology, chemistry and polymerization, formulation and processing. The building environment consists of 2400 m² research laboratories with 6 technological platforms.

Key figures

  • Legal entity: SAS (private company)
  • National subsidies: 30.6 M€ allocated until 2019
  • Funding shareholding: 50% public / 50% private

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