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The European Excellence Centre for Biomimicry

Matikem is one of founder members of CEEBIOS, the European Excellence Centre dedicated to Biomimicry located at Senlis (40 km from Paris).

What is Biomimicry?

Biomimicry (bio = life, mimesis = imitate) strategy takes advantage of living technologies (chemistry, materials, processes…) and systems in order to develop new innovative products, services and organizational models.

Natural selection, over 3.8 billion years, has constrained organisms to solve the challenges of feeding, moving, and reproducing within ecological systems that are able to sustain in dynamic environments. Living organisms are thus widely regarded as not only being ingenious, but also being ecologically sound, resilient, and low-risk.

A new R&D center dedicated to biomimicry

Designed as a campus located on a former military base, the CEEBIOS brings together researchers, academia and entrepreneurs and the civil society in mutualized labs and spaces mixing fundamental and applied research on a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach.

As a permanent co-creation platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, the CEEBIOS aims at realizing the sustainable innovation potential that emerges from using bio-inspiration as a catalyst to develop scalable quality services for economic growth and positive ecologic impact.

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