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Through its chemistry and materials network, Matikem is able to connect its members with industrial companies having specific requests related to their expertise, or with technological research laboratories and centers that can meet their research and development needs.

Matikem offers to its members targeted formal or informal meetings, by connecting them with other members or partners to enable them to pursue an open and business approach.

This service brings real added value to the cluster’s members, which can thus diminish the energy and time devoted to identifying competences and making qualified appointments.

Members’ testimonies

"Matikem played a key role in bringing together our laboratory with an industrial member of the cluster. We have found a key interlocutor on innovative materials used for the optical fibers, and some of our technologies related to optical fiber lasers are now opening new paths of innovation for the company. Matikem, in this example, has been an indispensable bridge between our academic world and the enterprise."
Marc Douay - PhLAM Research Laboratory (CNRS and Lille 1 University - Sciences and Technologies)

"Our need is to find and develop new markets and new products outside of our historical core business. With Matikem we were able to make new contacts with companies, technical centers and university laboratories, some of which have resulted in close relationships."
Alexander Gibb - SNCZ


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