Fields of activity

The point of reference for the materials, chemical and green chemical industries

Materials, chemical industry and green chemical industry are the main topics of Matikem, which supports economic & innovation development of companies in 2 sections, for 8 main industries (see below).

Matikem supports R&D projects (from emergence, setting up, access to private and public funding) to the market launch of new products or new services.

Our mission: to increase the competitiveness of companies by developing synergies between private sector research, public research and training centers, around collaborative R&D projects.

2 sections of strategic positioning


Chemical industry and materials

Biosourced materials


At the service of 8 main industries




Printing industry

Plastics processing







Agri-food industry










Matikem offers technological solutions (processes and/or materials) that reply to the industrial and societal challenges met by very heterogeneous economic actors, both with the diversity of their activities and their markets, and the multiplicity of issues they face (growth, competitiveness: reducing production costs, added value, etc.).

4 major technological challenges, cross sectors and markets targeted by Matikem:

Matikem is since September 2014 the new identity of the Materials and Applications for Sustainable Use Cluster (MAUD).

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